Nov 11, 2023

Delta Zero Trading Room: Your Learning Partner in Derivative Trading and Risk Management.


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Hello everyone and welcome.

we want to introduce you to Delta Zero, a trading room for proprietary traders specialized in derivative trading and risk management. But, before we dive into the details, let’s break down what this means in simpler terms.

**What does mean Delta Zero?**

A “delta zero” or “delta neutral” position, is a position where the assets related to an underlying, are perfectly balanced and neutral to the market fluctuation. This is built creating a position with stocks and options or futures and options.

**Derivatives – What Are They?**

Derivatives are special contracts like futures and options and many others, related to a specific underlying like stocks, currencies, and commodities, Normally are used by professional and institutional investors to hedge certain positions.

**Futures and Options – Special Contracts**

Delta Zero mainly uses two types of derivative contracts: futures and options in addition to stocks. Think of a “future contract” as making a promise to buy or sell something at a specific future date at a certain price. Options are like having the choice to buy or sell the underlying at a specific “strike price” but without the obligation.

**Risk Management – an illustrious Unknown!**

Keep the money safe without renouncing the profit. This is Delta Zero’s philosophy and the strategy that our professional traders follow every day. Follow us if you are interested to learn how.

**Staying Neutral in a Moving Market**

One more important thing Delta Zero does is to stay “neutral” in every position, rebalancing the assets related, and taking profit from each movement (no matter which direction the market moves) in price, volatility, and time decay.

**Why follow Delta Zero?**

Delta Zero Trading Room decided to share in real-time their real position, their technical analysis, the management strategy, and how to use the option’s greeks to hedge the risk. No matter if you are a professional trader or a neophyte, Delta Zero is a great choice to share and learn financial knowledge.

Real-time streaming coming soon! Follow us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Delta Zero, your learning partner in smart and secure investments.

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